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BBC Music Day + The Strawberry Fair

The last couple of days have been so busy!

On Friday I played in Cambridge for the BBC Music day. I performed at the Petty Cury for my first set, and the Grand Arcade on the big stage for my second. It was so cool getting random people in a shopping centre singing along!

On Saturday I was at the Strawberry Fair, booked to play on FOUR stages! I started off at the Hatters Stage at 13:00 and played a relatively relaxed set for 45 minutes.

My next performance was at 17:10 on the Portland Ballroom main stage, by which point I believe the beer and the herbal cigarettes were beginning to kick in, so the atmosphere in the tent was amazing. Everyone got so stuck in with singing along and having a dance.

After that awesome set I went to the Cambridge TV stage at 19:30 to finish off the evening and played some old classics (which will air on Cambridge TV at some point! I played Bob Dylan Blues by Syd Barrett for the first time which I hope you will enjoy).

If you have any pictures please send them to me!

Unfortunately I had to miss my set at the 'Cambuskers' stage as they were running late with acts, which always happens at these sorts of events. I needed to be on time for the Cambridge TV set as the performances there were being recorded so I had to drop out of this one. A real shame, but it must have helped getting them back on time.

Big thanks to everyone that came to see me throughout the two days, it means a lot. I'm having a rest today! See you again soon!

If you ever get the chance to go to the Strawberry Fair in the future then make sure you go! It's a wicked event, and is apparently the biggest and longest running free festival in Europe, so you know it must be pretty good! They said over 40,000 people attended on Saturday! How mad is that!

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