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BBC Music Day + The Strawberry Fair

The last couple of days have been so busy!

On Friday I played in Cambridge for the BBC Music day. I performed at the Petty Cury for my first set, and the Grand Arcade on the big stage for my second. It was so cool getting random people in a shopping centre singing along!

On Saturday I was at the Strawberry Fair, booked to play on FOUR stages! I started off at the Hatters Stage at 13:00 and played a relatively relaxed set for 45 minutes.

My next performance was at 17:10 on the Portland Ballroom main stage, by which point I believe the beer and the herbal cigarettes were beginning to kick in, so the atmosphere in the tent was amazing. Everyone got so stuck in with singing along and having a dance.

After that awesome set I went to the Cambridge TV stage at 19:30 to finish off the evening and played some old classics (which will air on Cambridge TV at some point! I played Bob Dylan Blues by Syd Barrett for the first time which I hope you will enjoy).