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Tom Korni @ Silverstone

On Thursday at about 5pm I had a phone call from an event organiser called Simon. He asked me whether I would like to play at Silverstone, the venue for the Grand Prix, that night for 8pm. Had a think about it (for about 2 seconds) then literally threw all my gear into the car and made my way to the circuit. On arrival, with no queuing or anything, I was met at the gate by security who kindly guided us to the stage, and even carried some of the equipment. When I got in, I looked around and realised how enormous this place was. Finally met event organiser 'Simon' who introduced me to the DJs 'Stuart' and 'Carl' who connected all of my stuff to their sound system. I was proper loud! Did a sound check and everything sounded sick; The bass drum was so loud you could feel it in your chest!I realised when I got there that I was playing before and after the Kaiser Chiefs! Mad!I played a nice laid back first set, which consisted of stuff like 'Romeo and Juliet' etc. Had a one hour break which gave me a chance to watch the karaoke. Picked up a few singing tips (like don't drink 12 pints of lager then get up and sing). My second set was far more energetic, and packed because people had come back from watching the Kaiser Chiefs. I was playing stuff like 'Cigarettes and Alcohol' and 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' which got people up and dancing. Great atmosphere. Really enjoyed myself!After a very long night, and a very long sleep, I had Friday off and chilled in Bedford with a friend.

Saturday morning I had another call from event organiser Simon asking me back to play at Silverstone once more! The story repeats itself: a two second delay to my reply of 'yes', a rush to get my equipment packed away, a long drive to the circuit and a security guard guiding us to the stage. Set up was a little longer because a band called Rhythm 'n' Roots was playing that night too. They were great by the way! Wicked reggae band! Once again I had a laid back 1st set, and a far more energetic 2nd set, although the reception was even bigger because there were far more people there. It was packed solid. The crowd was mental. The atmosphere was mental. Everything was mental. Everyone was singing and dancing and the night was absolutely wicked.Turned everything full blast to finished my set with 'I Will Wait' by Mumford and Sons. It was awesome having the whole place dancing. Once I'd finished the song they were shouting for 'MORE'. I'd given my all on Mumford and Sons so I was pretty knackered and had no water left, but I played one more song: 'Don't Look Back In Anger' - Oasis. The crowd were so loud I couldn't even hear myself sing. It was Incredible. I can't thank the DJs, Carl and Stuart, enough for all the help they gave me and Simon the event organiser enough for giving me such an amazing experience... Twice.

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