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July Weekend

Saturday - I played in Wardown Park, Luton, in aid of East Anglian Air Ambulance. The plan was for me play until the actual air ambulance helicopter came to show what they do, and how we can help. When I arrived in Luton the park was buzzing. Weather forecast predicted torrential rain and was given amber alert - Large marquees had been put up to be used as shelter from the rain; there was a marquee to keep the stage dry too. Thankfully the rain never came. Instead of being used to keep dry, the massive marquees were used to shelter from the heat of the sun.

I played for about 30 minutes until the air ambulance flew into the park for the crowd to rush over and talk to the crew. After about 20 minutes the ambulance had to leave and attend to an emergency. After all, that's what it is there for.

As the crowd came back I thought I'd better start playing again, to fill the rows of seats lined up in front of me. I was literally feet away from the audience which was nice, because I'm not usually able to hear requests and feedback from people. After an hour or so more I finished my set and the charity event finished. It was a successful day!

Race for Life - Cambridge