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July Weekend

Saturday - I played in Wardown Park, Luton, in aid of East Anglian Air Ambulance. The plan was for me play until the actual air ambulance helicopter came to show what they do, and how we can help. When I arrived in Luton the park was buzzing. Weather forecast predicted torrential rain and was given amber alert - Large marquees had been put up to be used as shelter from the rain; there was a marquee to keep the stage dry too. Thankfully the rain never came. Instead of being used to keep dry, the massive marquees were used to shelter from the heat of the sun.

I played for about 30 minutes until the air ambulance flew into the park for the crowd to rush over and talk to the crew. After about 20 minutes the ambulance had to leave and attend to an emergency. After all, that's what it is there for.

As the crowd came back I thought I'd better start playing again, to fill the rows of seats lined up in front of me. I was literally feet away from the audience which was nice, because I'm not usually able to hear requests and feedback from people. After an hour or so more I finished my set and the charity event finished. It was a successful day!

Race for Life - Cambridge

Sunday - The next day, I was playing at the 'Race for Life' event in Parker's Piece, Cambridge. I had to leave for Cambridge really early before the roads around the park closed, as the roads were going to be part of the course in the race. By around 10 o'clock the whole of the park was a sea of pink, filled with women, young and old, running to raise money for the amazing charity. There were many acts at the event so the experience was really fast. I managed to sneak in a quick selfie from the stage with the Heart Radio Presenters who were there on stage introducing each act to the audience just before I went on stage to play. After performing there, I went to the centre of Cambridge to busk for a while which was rather tiring in the ridiculous heat, but I did really enjoy it and so did the crowd!

Sister's graduation - Bristol

Monday - Once again I had to wake up really early, but this was to leave and go to Bristol. This was because my sister was graduating from university! After the long journey we met up with my sister and her boyfriend in the City Centre. I busked for about an hour there and I really enjoyed it! was nice to have a completely different crowd to play to! Even walking around the place was wicked with the amazing art on the buildings. I finished up in the streets and we walked to the cathedral for the graduation ceremony. I was so proud seeing my sister in all her graduation gown and fancy hat, all her hard work has really paid off! Well done sis!

I should be busking and gigging around somewhere near you, so keep an eye on my social media websites to see regular updates.

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