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The Troxy - London

I performed at the Troxy, London, for Vinay and Lucy's wedding. I had such a fantastic day, and it was obvious everyone else did too. I arrived at the Troxy at about 1pm and was instantly made to feel very welcome by the family, friends and the Troxy event organiser Joe who briefed me on what was going down throughout the night. So much so he even took me for a tour of the whole place... It's huge!

My set began at 5pm and ended at around 7pm. Once I'd finished I ...was invited to stay for some food; and I'm so so glad I did. The DJ started playing music to get people on the dance-floor and the bass was literally the loudest thing I've ever heard it was crazy. There was a brilliant light show on top of that, and live authentic drummers to give an Indian twist to some of the western songs being played. If you like your Indian food, music, clothes and culture then this is pretty much heaven... and I love all that stuff. I had so much tasty food, I didn't think I'd be hungry for the next few days.

Thanks to all of the guests for the great feedback, I enjoyed my time there so much. Hope to play there again soon. Vinay talked a lot about how he got stressed over organising the wedding, and it's safe to say that it was an experience that I will never forget. All that effort definitely paid off. All the best for the future for yourself and your lovely new wife Lucy. Last but not least, another thank you to the staff at the Troxy, especially Joe, for making me feel relaxed right from the start.

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