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Cambridge's BIG WEEKEND

On Friday I opened the festival 'Cambridge's Big Weekend' as I won the Cambridge Buskers Festival in June. Backstage I had a chance to relax and talk with the guys from Heart Radio and the sound engineers for the event. As time passed the field was filling up with more and more people, which to be honest made me more excited than nervous.

I was introduced on stage by Kev and Ros from Heart.

The set itself was brilliant. It's a great feeling - getting people up and dancing when you are the first act of the night. It was a brilliant atmosphere and I was very pleased to see the audience enjoying a few of my own songs too.

Once I had finished my set I went backstage to wait for Slade to go on, whose music I love a lot. In fact, I managed to nab a quick selfie with them 3 seconds before they were due on stage! It made my night, and their show was fantastic. They even included Merry Christmas in their set.

Once Slade had finished I got the chance to talk to them for a while, and the bassist had watched my set and said he was really impressed which was sick!

Heather Small finished off the night, and once again she put on a hell of a show and the crowd loved it. I managed to grab a selfie with her too, and got acheeky peck on the cheek from her! How mad is that!

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