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Bestival 2015

Once I'd finally got into the festival, which took quite a while because of all the queues, the right rigmarole to get an Artist wristband, and all of the security checks from Bestival security, it was clear Bestival was going to be a wicked experience.

I was driven up to the artist camp site to set up my home for the weekend, and sorted out all my equipment and instruments. After having a few drinks it wasn't long till I was driven to the Pig's Big Ball Room along with all my gear to set up for my show. The stage itself was a massive tent with all funky lights and stuff inside and it is dedicated to the Late Great John Peel, and is run by the 'Shellac Collective', whom I was camping with.

I had to be backstage an hour before my set to sort out my levels and mix etc. with the sound and light guys, who by the way did a great job.

I started my set at 9:30PM and it was absolutely mad. It was exactly how I wanted the atmosphere to be. People were jumping about and singing along. It was so cool. I hadn't even written out a set list because I had no idea what everyone wanted to hear so I just started with Come Together by The Beatles and then basically shouted out to the crowd 'what do you want to hear guys?'. I could just about hear from the first few rows in front of me; although the whole crowd were shouting. Right from the start they requested absolute classics from Oasis, The Libertines, The Fratellis... which did my throat in on the first night. Thanks guys!

Once I'd got all the gear back into the tent we strolled round the site to see what was going down. Not far from the artist camp was a dance music stage with some absolute bangers being played. We stopped by there for a while, took in the festival vibes, threw some shapes and ate some class noodles. Once all of those tasks were complete we headed back to the tent for some much needed rest.

After struggling to wake up for hours, I was eventually made to wake up by the boom of the main stage. Thanks to my artist perks I was able to have a shower, unlike the peasants that inhabited the camps all around me !!! The queue for the shower was long but it was so worth it. After getting over the night before there wasn't much time to watch any acts in that afternoon because I was due to perform very soon.

Once again I was driven over to the stage and had another wicked night. A little less frantic, but still awesome. I returned to a stage that I went to frequently at Camp-Bestival called 'the Bollywood Tent' while RedLight was on. I flashed my artist wristband and went backstage where I met DJ legend Rodigan and YouTube stars Calfreezy and Behzinga. Mad. While I was still star struck I went back to the Pig's Big Ball Room to watch a Punk band called 'The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing' who do punk songs as if they were written Victorian times. They were actually very entertaining.

Waking up again was a big struggle, but once I was up I put up a load of banners with my face on around the site to tell people when and where I was playing. The audience on Saturday was pretty cool despite the early set, and I played a good amount of Pink Floyd and Beatles in the 'Summer of Love' spirit, while wearing obligatory hippie gear. After my set I headed over to the main stage to watch The Chemical Brothers, who were amazing, and then watched the Bohicas on another stage who were also pretty damn awesome.

I had a really early set on Sunday, which was alright because I was pretty shattered by this point, but none the less loads of people showed up to watch me. I played a load of singing and dancing stuff to get them all going at 4:00PM. Loads of people from the day before came back and asked me to play the Dark Side Of The Moon in 10 minutes thing I do. It was a wicked set to finish the weekend on, despite how early it was.

It started chucking it down with rain which put me off watching Missy Elliott, which was a bit of a bummer, but once it had subsided we made our way down to the Port Stage and walked right backstage to get into the green room. Mark Ronson was DJing at this point, who would soon be followed by Skrillex. I couldn't believe I was standing back stage while they were playing chatting with all their mates. It was mad. The view from back stage was wicked too. Once Skrillex was coming up to the end of his set we staggered back to the tent, in mud up to our ankles, which was very fun.

Monday was a lot of stress, but we managed to pack all of my music stuff away, the tent and all the other camping gear that was bought along, in the rain. and the wind. That's the less glamorous part of my job. Once everything was in the car we drove out of Robin Hill and said goodbye to Bestival 2015. What an amazing experience it was.

I still can't believe I was a part of such a huge festival, and got to meet the people I did. Another thing I can't believe is that I was chosen as one of the top 5 festival highlights from the WHOLE OF THE SUMMER! Take a look!…/Five-of-our-Favourite-Festi…/26492/

It's just mental. I just want to thank everyone who's supported me the past few years because I don't think I'd have been able to play anywhere like Bestival without you. Bring on festival season 2016!

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