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Christmas Lights Switch On

Had a really busy weekend! I began my day in Peterborough at the stage in Cathedral Square, where I played two 40 minute sets. By the time I played the second set, it was dark and all the lights from the stage looked amazing. The vibe was really good too, so I was excited to play the next set in Queensgate Shopping Centre.

Usually the atmosphere in a shopping centre isn't great, because people are just going about their business, shopping and that, but, the stage was huge in there! 'Kev and Roz' and 'Mrs Claus' were gathering a huge crowd before I went on, so it was another really fun set!

After finishing up in Peterborough, I made my way over to Cambridge for the New Music Generator Showcase. I played half a set of my own music, and the other half were covers from classic rock bands and artists.

On the Sunday, I was booked to play at the Cambridge Christmas Lights Switch On in front of the Guildhall, again, with Heart Radio. This was at around 3:00PM so the crowds were beginning to get bigger. By time I finished my last song there was a huge crowd around me dancing and singing to Uptown Funk. Well happy about that.

Straight after I finished my set I was interviewed by a group of Cambridge Students working on a documentary about live music in Cambridge. The full documentary will be shown in the Picture House on the 15th of December, but I will be getting the full interview at some point, so I will be able to show you what was talked about.

Also, I vlogged the weekend and will be able to show you what I got up to behind the scenes.

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